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i shot him six times but he still got up!

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This community is basically for horror movies. Any kind of horror movies. New or old. However, If you join, there are a few rules to follow:
  • No fights. If there are any fights, I don't care who started it, all those involved will be banned.
  • This is a horror film community. That means your topic of discussion should be somehow related to horror movies, don't be chatting it up.
  • If you post a picture, use the LJ cut script.
  • And last but not least... enjoy yourself.

  • Rock and/or Roll \m/,
    Your Favorite Manager - eye_eye_eyeeye_eye_eye
    28 days later, 80's horror movies, alien, alien movies, aliens, american werewolf in paris, anaconda, anne rice, ash williams, axe murderers, b horror movies, blade, blood dolls, blood knives, bram stoker, bride of chuckie, bruce campbell, campfire stories, candyman, chuckie, classic horror movies, critters, cujo, dark and stormy nights, darkman, dawn of the dead, deep blue sea, demons, devils, dr. satan, dracula, evil dead, fabio, foggy nights, frankenstein, freddy krueger, friday the 13th, fright night, from dusk till dawn, ghost movies, ghost stories, ghosts of mars, godzilla, gremlins, guns, halloween, haunted houses, headless horsemen, hellraiser, hockey masks, hollow man, horror films, horror movies, house of 1000 corpses, house on haunted hill, iknowwhatyoudidlastsummer, interview with a vampire, it, jason vorhees, jason vs. freddy, jaws, jeepers creepers, john carpenter, john carpenter's vampires, kate & leopald, kazaam, killer animals, killer clowns, king kong, lake placid, leatherface, leprachaun, leprachaun in da hood, linda blair, mike myers, night breed, nightmare on elm street, nightofthelivingdead, norman bates, pet semetary, predator, puppet master, pyscho, r rated movies, resident evil, rob zombie, satan, science experiments gone wrong, scream, signs, sleepy hollow, species, stephen king, stir of echoes, tales from the crypt, tales from the cryptkeeper, tales from the hood, terminator, texas chainsaw massacre, the blair witch, the blair witch project, the blob, the craft, the cryptkeeper, the exorcist, the gate, the haunted, the mothman prophecies, the mummy, the relic, the ring, the sci fi channel, the shining, the x-files, tremors, urban legend, urban legends, valentine, vampire movies, vampires, violence, wax works, werewolves, wes craven, witches, xtro, zombies